UDS Flash Bootloader

Flash Bootloader is a software module "embedded" in an automotive ECU that facilitates ECU reprogramming and/or software update of the ported application.The Flash Bootloader is an essential building block that kicks in before ECU application software is allowed to start during the system boot. Analogous to a security check, once the system is powered on, the bootloader software scans the system for irregularities in software modules, and then loads ECU application into their specific locations in the system memory. A key advantage of the Flash Bootloader software is the ability to update or re-programme specific software modules, without having to plug in specialized hardware into the system -for example, a JTAG programmer. The Bootloader can also be understood as a program manager that receives and writes new program information into the processor memory, using communication protocols like UART, CAN, LIN, SPI, I2C, Ethernet, and many others.